Importance Of Landing Pages In Seo

Landing pages are those on which visitors land up after clicking on online ads or links present in emails and search engine result pages. Landing pages have a critical role to play in SEO campaigns as they direct the traffic towards websites to achieve desirable results. The success/failure of these pages determines the conversion rate achieved by the website. If the conversion rate remains below par or mediocre, it vindicates that the landing pages have failed miserably. Every enterprise operating a website has a landing page. These pages can also be defined as the pages contained by links sent to clients requesting them for some action.

Landing pages are very important in SEO campaigns. When visitors get to know about something, they feed the keyword into search engines and expect to be directed towards its landing page. SEO campaigns leaving trail of landing pages do websites huge favours as potential clients get to visit these pages directly without the interference of a third party. These pages take users directly to the page which has details about the keywords precisely typed in. Conversion rates go up when the visitor clicking on the link makes a purchase. The visitor needs to be further convinced to inform allies and acquaintances and tell them about these services.

Landing Pages optimization
Every page indexed by search engines is a landing page. These pages leave a trace to the main page and only add to the online publicity. Landing pages keep the visitor agile in his search. They keep the search going on and lead to other things. Visitors often get put off and frustrated when some other page appears instead of landing pages. Landing pages ensure that they do not lose interest and subsequently, keep the search going on. During optimization, when more web enthusiasts get to know about the service, landing pages make it easy for these users to locate those pages. The links submitted while working on Offshore Link Building services contain landing pages that act as pointers.

There are a few types of landing pages and each has its own role to play in SEO processes. The transactional landing pages persuade users to finish transactions like filling forms and memorandums, with the ultimate aim of achieving sales goals. The second type of pages conceal information until the user gives some data from his side, so that even if the sale does not materialize, at least the lead gets generated which can be seen as a potential sale. The squeeze landing pages are completely dedicated towards capturing information about users in SEO programs. They boast of a high conversion rate and are used belligerently in almost every campaign.

All these pages are critical in SEO campaigns. The website getting optimized has services that these pages help sell and set the cash registers ringing. Conversion rates are tracked constantly and the more they are, the better is it for the business. These pages work on those conversion rates and work towards the optimized website doing good business.